Cynthia Coffield

Cynthia Coffield is an artist and writer based out of Houston, TX. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking/Drawing and Art History minor from Washington University in St Louis. 

This collection of watercolor, acrylic, oil and drawings is meant to bring light and color into your home! Please reach out directly via the Contact page for commission inquiries.


Artist Statement

When I first started gardening, I was not a fan of flowers. I was only interested in useful plants - plants that could be eaten or added to dishes as flavor. Flowers tend to dry up the soil a bit more than greenery. They need to be watered and cared for more closely. It felt like there were already so many responsibilities and expectations in life, that there just wasn't room for what I saw as purely decorative growth requiring constant maintenance. 

A friend wrote at the end of her terminal illness - that resting your eyes on a flower generates seratonin, improving mood, decreasing stress, a gentle easing, a visual healing, from gazing at this small, intricate, decorative gift whose nature is just to unfold. I love to interpret this unfolding with paint and color, appreciating the simplicity of natural beauty. Flowers are an audacious miracle. 

I've spent a good amount of time studying technical and less technical art processes, and like to let the techniques ebb and flow with memory while developing a work of art in the present. This meditative process also draws on thousands of hours in yoga and dance, flowing or listening or sitting. Some paintings are representational and others abstract, building on familiar and unfamiliar motifs. And in the lines and colors the curves of women may inevitably emerge. As a woman, I love appreciating the lushness of what that means without an agenda for desire, possession or control.