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Marketing, Strategy, Analytics, Content, User Experience Design, and Website Development for Digital Brands. The road to building a successful business online is long. Get there faster with a little help.

    What I Do

    The services I offer include search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC, content development, branding and UX website design. Every business has different needs. Contact me for a custom solution tailored to your business.

      Website Marketing

      All digital marketing projects begin with a website audit and SEO health check for technical errors, keyword research, and competitor analysis. Digging into the website analytics reveals intelligent strategies for content development, social media marketing, and public relations opportunities.

      Brand Content Strategy

      Your brand is the first interaction your customer has with you. Make it count. Branding services I offer include logo and brand identity for web. Content strategy services ensure that you are marketing to your business persona with a consistent brand voice across all marketing platforms.

      UX Web Design

      User Experience, or UX, based web design means visitors to your website can easily find what they are looking for across any device. UX web design services include wireframes, prototyping, and website development. Existing websites can be optimized using A/B testing and conversion tracking.

    Who I Am

    Cynthia Coffield Consulting is a private consulting business offering marketing services to web based businesses. Cynthia is a digital media strategist specializing in content management, user experience, analytics, and website marketing including search engine optimization, ppc, social media marketing and public relations. She has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, photography, graphic and web design in both agency and in-house environments.


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    • Jul, 25

      Best Social Media Platforms for Business

      What are the best social media platforms for your business?   Here’s a rundown of the most popular social media platforms and general types of businesses that they are used for:   Facebook users tend to associate the platform with leisure and free time. Facebook can be appropriate for B2B or B2C customers. It’s most […]

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      Aug, 8

      Bringing It All Together: Content Strategy

      I hear from a lot of people I consult with that they have several different types of output or creative production and they don’t know which one to focus on, or the best way to display each type of content. Usually the best answer is very customized to the client, but a few helpful guidelines can […]

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    • Jul, 26

      Considering Brand Identity and Logo Design

      Branding through identity design and logo redesign is one of my favorite projects to approach. Some brands reassess their branding every year, and even classic brands like Coca Cola have modified their logos over the years – even if it has been done with subtlety. It can be difficult to decide what makes a logo good or bad. […]

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      Jul, 19

      Twitter Strategies for Engagement

      Don’t work hard, work smart. I see a lot of small businesses marketing on social media. That’s great! It’s important to have a presence on as many relevant online channels as you can, because there are many users who primarily consume one channel over others. Increasing activity on any channel gives you the opportunity to […]

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    • Nov, 12

      How to Implement Campaign Tracking & What to Use it For

      Campaign Tracking – it’s so easy once you figure out how to do it. And if you can’t figure it out, don’t worry there are several tools to help do it for you. My favorite use of campaign tracking is to attribute inbound traffic from email sources – which would otherwise show up as undefined […]

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      Nov, 7

      SEO Best Practices

      At the core, on page SEO best practices haven’t changed very much even though the Google search algorithm has had such a major overhaul over the past few years. Here are a few things you should make sure you are doing right: 1. Title Tag – the title tag is a very important on page […]

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    • Oct, 31

      Dark Social & Campaign Tracking

      Dark Social – the name always reminds me of the Dark Crystal. If you’re not as familiar with the term as you are with the movie, “Dark Social” is important because it is probably throwing off your idea of your brand strength metric. In most analytics tracking tools, like Google Analytics, “Direct” visitors are also […]

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      Sep, 23

      Email Marketing Campaign Tips

      Email Marketing is easy once you get the hang of it. But first, you have to get the basics right. These are the top email marketing tips that you have to tend to: 1. Engaging Subject Line – This is what makes people click. If your subject line isn’t compelling enough, they won’t even make […]

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    • Sep, 18

      How To Use Search Operators to Expand Your Search

      Knowing Search Operator terms can be invaluable for digging into big data to find what you need. You can use these search terms to analyze a site – client or competitor – in search engines. Simply type them into Google or Bing. Search fields in many other applications also comply with these operator terms, so […]

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      Sep, 8

      How to Optimize Your Shopping Cart

      Optimizing your shopping cart is one of the most important things you can do to increase sales on your ecommerce site and bring up your conversion rate. Here’s a website that I see pretty often, that has been doing shopping cart optimization well for a long time: Forever21 Let’s break this down first, and at […]

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