Best Social Media Platforms for Business

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What are the best social media platforms for your business?


Here’s a rundown of the most popular social media platforms and general types of businesses that they are used for:


  1. Facebook users tend to associate the platform with leisure and free time. Facebook can be appropriate for B2B or B2C customers. It’s most popular among B2C customers. It would be more appropriate for a company that sells photo books to market on Facebook than a company that sells fracing materials. Facebook does offer an ad platform with highly specific demographic targeting, which can be easily optimized for conversions.


  1. Twitter is not only an incredible resource for instant news online, it’s also a popular site for community meet ups on hashtags around a conference, webinar or Twitter Chat. It’s amazing how much you can say in 140 characters or less. Twitter is great for tech savvy businesses, and is an example of a site that business leadership can have a human presence on.


  1. Instagram is like Twitter with images. Instagram will not bring a significant amount of traffic in to a website because you can only include one link on the site, in your profile. Instagram is the social media darling though, and has a highly active community base. Types of brands that do well on Instagram include bloggers, beauty, fashion, food and cars.


  1. Pinterest users are almost always looking for inspiration. The user base is mostly women, and the content that does best on Pinterest includes fashion, diy, recipes and design. Pinterest can be a great resource for nurturing community and generating new relevant traffic, but organic Pinterest traffic does not convert well to sales online.


  1. Google Plus is a grey area right now since platform development has ceased. Even with an uncertain future in store for this platform, it’s still a handy tool for your toolbox. Google still recommends connecting your Google Business page with your website to improve search results. With Google Maps and Local Search firmly at the top of SEO results, it’s an SEO error to ignore Google Plus. The technical details of connecting these accounts can get confusing, but I’m great with that. Google Plus does have a thriving community online for tech enthusiasts and photographers.


  1. LinkedIn is most popular among the B2B crowd. Business pages are appropriate for sharing company news and press releases, job opportunities, and latest stories.


Additional social media platforms and forums may emerge during a digital marketing strategic analysis. For example, an oil and gas company may benefit from involvement with Rigzone.or Oil Pros. An ecommerce clothing store can generate additional social traffic through Wanelo or Polyvore. Contact me for a social media consultation for more information about the platforms that your business will excel on and the strategy you need to use them well.